Learn with MURO

The accessories which you attach to MURO are what make it amazing, without them it's just a bit of plywood.  We've spent a lot of time developing the ranges of accessories, working closely with educational psychologists and teachers so that they support stages of learning and encourage development.  But most important is that children find it fun, which is why all the accessories are tested at one of our regular focus groups (join our mailing list and follow our social media to find out where and when the next one is).



The most important thing is that kids are having fun and are engaged.  Obviously this is MURO's main goal and it's great that all the learning stuff happens at the same time (as long as we've done our job properly).  Luckily we have a large range of accessories so you're guaranteed to find something your kids will love.


In early years children develop fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition and more complex ideas such as permanence (things exist even when you can't see them) and spatial awareness through play.  As with everything it's best to start simply and increase the difficulty as you master each task.  MURO makes it simple to follow these developmental paths.

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We take all of our ideas and rigorously test them for both safety and suitability, nothing beats real world experience.  We run events throughout London at various different locations around the UK.  Keep in touch to find out when the next event is.  They're great fun, you'll get to try out the latest ideas first, and even be able to get your idea brought to life (plus we give away free stuff too!).