Create with MURO

There's no right or wrong way to build your MURO busy board;  you put what you want, where you want it.  We even have blank accessory backboards so you can make you own accessories.  Our aim has always been to put the power to create a beautiful piece of nursery furniture in your hands.  Now you can create a unique busy board or activity cube in minutes.

The best thing about MURO is that it allows you to be creative.  Once the MURO busy board is up on the wall you can quickly and simply make an amazing piece of nursery furniture by adding, moving and swapping your favourite accessories.  We also have a cube version so that you can build your own activity cubes.

plug closeup copy.jpg

Plug and Play

I know, I know, it's plastic.  Its the only part where we are using plastic but it really is the best option.  These have been carefully designed so that each accessory snaps neatly into place but can be removed easily too.  Wooden toys are so easy to attach to you busy board.

wall screw closeup.png

Wall Mounted

MURO is designed to be fixed to the wall (but we also have a stand). The wall screws are easy to place, with full and detailed instructions in the box.  Each screw hole fits through a oval hole so that the board rests on the floor.  There are also spacers behind the board so it stands 45mm away from the wall, so the skirting board is not a problem!