Why support on Kickstarter?

Kickstarter connects you directly to passionate people with great (and some not so great) ideas with projects, ranging from music and theatre productions to new invention.  If you like a project you can ‘pledge’ money to help bring that project to life, in return you’ll receive a reward of your choice depending on how much you pledge and be a part of something.


On each project page you’ll find all the information about the project, where they are, where they’ll be and what they need to get there.


Each reward has a minimum pledge amount (but you can pledge as much as you want) and often a limited number.  When you pledge, the money is taken straight away and held by Kickstarter until the end of the campaign.  If the project is successful and reaches it’s target amount then the money is sent to the creators who then get to work bringing the project to life.  However, if the project does not reach its target then the money is refunded to you in full.


Kudos and discounts aside, one of the most rewarding things about Kickstarter is knowing that you’ve helped someone bring a project to life!  Communities form around projects, with an ongoing dialog between creators and backers once a project has been funded.