8 Reasons We Chose Kickstarter to Fund Our Busy Board Project

Choosing to crowdfund a start-up is no small decision. Not only do you have the challenge of investing all the necessary time and resources into the product itself (in our case the MURO busy boards) but you’ve got the mammoth task of leading complete strangers to your campaign and tempting them to make a pledge! For those who are knew to marketing (hands-up fellow inventors!) crowdfunding is a risk. But we believe it’s one worth taking if it means funding your dream and staying in control of it. Kickstarter, thanks for the opportunity – here’s why we picked you:

1. Largest reach

Let’s face it, as those who want to get their projects funded, we want as many eyes on our campaign as possible! Kickstarter gives you a head start with over 30 million visits a month to their platform. It’s the most popular crowdfunding platform available, and when you want to get noticed by the masses it pays to go where they go.

2. In Kickstarter we trust

Maybe it’s the marketing. Maybe it’s their 36% success rate (which by the way, is far beyond other crowdfunding sites). But Kickstarter is a name start-ups and consumers trust – and when you’re trying to build confidence in your own new, unheard-of inventions – using a platform which already exudes a sense of reliability and security, is a huge bonus. Persuading your followers to part with their cash and back a project which may not be able to deliver goods for MONTHS is hard enough; you don’t want a spurious platform to dissuade potential pledgers from committing.

3. Visual focus

Getting seen online is one thing. Getting your brand and products seen and understood (by the people you want to resonate with) is another. Visual content is key. We love Kickstarter for how simple it is to include plenty of visual content to portray our project in exactly the right light. From video to product images, to an illustrative project schedule. Kickstarter helps you to make it easy for those who click-through to your funding campaign.

4. Design to match our brand

While we’re on the topic of visual importance, we knew Kickstarter was the platform for us because it visually complimented our brand too. If you’re presenting a clean, contemporary product, you need a clean, contemporary space to showcase it – Kickstarter provides that.

5. Pre-sales are possible

We want those who are interested in MURO boards to be able to claim theirs, even if we haven’t built them yet! Kickstarter makes it possible to advertise pre-sales without directly taking people’s money – which when you’re a completely new brand takes a lot of trust building.

6. We can do things on the go

First-time crowdfunders don’t often have the luxury of being paid to get campaign attention. We’ve got other commitments, like a full-time job we need to squeeze our dream around. Kickstarter’s comprehensive app makes starting a crowdfunding campaign possible ANYWHERE! Get things done on the go.

7. Previous play project success

Finally, who wouldn’t be tempted to go with Kickstarter when the most crowd-funded educational toy in history went with the platform for their campaign. Cubetto (from Primo Toys) raised a whopping $1.6 million dollars back in 2016 (way surpassing their $100k target) and they’re not the only beautiful play piece we’re happy to follow in the footsteps of. Take a look at these other unique Kickstarter play projects you’ll want to own. 

8. All or nothing

Crowdfunding relies on the fulfilment of a promise, we like that our campaign is ‘all or nothing’ meaning anyone who pledges knows that they will only pay IF we succeed. And if we reach our total, it’s a clear sign the interest and funds invested will see the project fly as expected.

MURO Busy Boards are the first completely customisable busy board for babies and young children. Providing hands-on fun and stimulation for little fingers (and minds) while acting as a stunning, modern addition to your home interior. MURO mixes a contemporary modular plug-and-play design with a traditional high-quality wooden build. Click to find out more about our campaign and back us now!

Remember, it’s all or NOTHING. Pre-order your MURO busy board now

7 Unique Kickstarter Play Projects You'll Want To Own

There’s a real thrill to discovering unique design before the rest of the crowd – particularly when it’s design that will compliment a contemporary home interior and keep your kids entertained! Here we look at 7 unique Kickstarter play projects that do just that – because you don’t have to put up with plastic tat in your toyboxes.

TRIDO Next Generation Magnetic Tiles


Let’s start with a campaign with just days to go (let’s hope they’ve reached their goal if you’re reading this too late!). TRIDO is the ultimate magnetic construction toy based on the geometry of Platonic solids – and it’s stunning. Available in small, medium, and large sets; the only limitations to the constructions you create are your imagination. Make geometric creatures or sculpt a modern and adaptable desktop structure - the choice is yours.

There’s a lot of clever mathematics behind this toy design; optimised for play, you can expect hours of fun with endless construction opportunities. 


Huzi Mixed Animals


If you like the interchangeable nature of TRIDO, you’ll like the possibilities of Huzi’s Mixed Animal plush toys, which were successfully funded in July 2014. Huzi’s unique design brings a completely fresh take on the stuffed animal, with the creature you choose to cuddle being open to interpretation. Using lovingly handmade soft shapes and concealed magnetic, Mixed Animals can be adapted by your child to build a huggable bear, dinosaur, rabbit, dragon… or half-breed! Available in gender-neutral shades and suitable for ages 3+.


Cubetto - Coding For Little Ages 3+

The real crowdfunding and creative play junkies amongst you will have no doubt heard of Cubetto. And while it may need little introduction for many, we couldn’t not include it on our list! Cubetto is pure toy design genius. Rightly so, it came to be the most crowd-funded educational invention yet – raising $1.59 million dollars.

Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired. Young children can now learn programming away from a computer screen. The basic principle of Cubetto: help this wooden robot find his way home by writing programs using a set of colourful coding blocks. Simple, yet so much fun!



We love thoroughly modern toys which exude a timeless quality, and MyFamilyBuilders fit the bill exactly. Playful meets politically correct with this adaptable family building block set; create families from a range of different genders and ethnicities. As the designers put it: the world is evolving and toys should evolve with it. Now children can create representations of their family whether they have a single parent, mixed race, or same sex formation. With one set it is possible to create over 2,000 family combinations!

Alongside the lack of limitation, we adore the warm illustrative style and the simple magnetic element to keep these wooden delights together. MyFamilyBuilders was successfully funded in September 2015. Find out more and buy yourself a set now.

HULKI Cardboard Animal Dens

Forget plastic, HULKI embraces the eco-friendly (and far more stylish) with their cardboard creatures designed for playing in! These incredible half-sculpture half-den designs are so much fun – it’s no wonder they were successfully backed last year. We’ll take a turtle!


Earthtiles Wooden Magnetic Tiles

Magnetic tiles seem to be all the rage for creative play, but Earthtiles provide a new take with their elegant, wooden option. These hands-on, eco-friendly toys are made from sustainably harvested wood from forests which enhance the long-term social and economic well-being of local communities, and efficiently use forest resources. They can be used to make anything from houses to rockets!

At time of writing (April 2017), Earthtiles have 21 days left to get funded.

MURO Busy Boards

Well of course, we had to pop our own play beauties in the list! If you’re a fan of hands-on, baby-led play, you’ll love our unique wooden busy boards designed to keep little minds (and fingers) stimulated.

Love the concept? Head over to our Kickstarter campaign and get your pre-orders in now! Our campaign is less ‘crowdfunding’ and more ‘pre-sales’ meaning you can support our future AND grab yourself one of the first MURO boards made. We plan to get backers MUROs out in September & October – so that’s Christmas presents sorted well in advance!

Like what you see but don’t have need for a MURO yourself yet? Please, please show us your support anyway! All pledges are HUGELY appreciated – however little. MURO can only become a reality with your help. 




Why support on Kickstarter?

Kickstarter connects you directly to passionate people with great (and some not so great) ideas with projects, ranging from music and theatre productions to new invention.  If you like a project you can ‘pledge’ money to help bring that project to life, in return you’ll receive a reward of your choice depending on how much you pledge and be a part of something.


On each project page you’ll find all the information about the project, where they are, where they’ll be and what they need to get there.


Each reward has a minimum pledge amount (but you can pledge as much as you want) and often a limited number.  When you pledge, the money is taken straight away and held by Kickstarter until the end of the campaign.  If the project is successful and reaches it’s target amount then the money is sent to the creators who then get to work bringing the project to life.  However, if the project does not reach its target then the money is refunded to you in full.


Kudos and discounts aside, one of the most rewarding things about Kickstarter is knowing that you’ve helped someone bring a project to life!  Communities form around projects, with an ongoing dialog between creators and backers once a project has been funded.